My passion and experience is in helping great leaders at all levels of the organization learn, grow, and act with incredible impact.
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Deb Becker
Founder and
Your Partner

Why do I do what I do?

I love working with leaders to help them become their best selves at work.  I believe when leaders have the know-how, skills and tools to be authentic and purposeful leaders, not only are they themselves more effective, but that impact flows throughout their teams and organization.  I want more great leaders to have incredible impact.

Who and what inspires me?

Great leaders who are committed to continual growth and improvement.  It's exciting when leaders challenge themselves to implement new mindsets and behaviors and then experiencing first hand how their personal growth has a positive and important impact on their team and organization.

These light-bulb moments happen in a variety of partnerships:

  • Working with individuals to uncover strengths they never knew they had

  • Guiding small teams to work more effectively together to achieve stronger results

  • Connecting with large groups so they have personal a-ha moments that lead to increased influence, and effectiveness for alignment and engagement

My experience

I have 20 years of business experience in very small to very large companies where I've worked with employees in every function and leaders at all levels of the organization to help them reach their potential.  My roles have been customer-facing, both internally and externally, and I've had the opportunity to work with leaders 1-1, in small teams, and in large groups as well as develop and lead enterprise-wide systems and processes.  I launched Becker Leadership Impact to capitalize on my experiences and create space to focus on those areas I'm most passionate about and where I can make the greatest impact -- working directly with leaders. 

My work focuses on the following areas:

  • Coaching

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Facilitation

  • High potential talent development

  • Leadership and career development

  • Talent management and succession planning

  • Team effectiveness

  • Women in leadership

Udaipur, India

Developing leaders for incredible impact