Does your organization need leaders who communicate effectively?
Leaders who have greater influence in the organization?
Leaders who engage teams in a new and different way? 
What's the foundation of my development philosophy?
When leaders have a desire to grow and challenge their own thinking and are open to embracing new mindsets and behaviors, they can have incredible impact.  I leverage my down to earth style, growth mindset, curiosity and focus on real-world application to partner together to make those new impacts a reality.

What also informs my philosophy?

Away from work, I'm inspired by traveling, exploring the outdoors and capturing memories by taking pictures, some of which I've shared on this website - ask me to tell you about my favorites!

As I adventure, I'm struck by the parallels between the thrill of travel and growing as a leader.  In many ways, I find exploring a new part of the world is like taking on a new leadership role. Every time I travel, I meet new people, and experience new places. some of which are uncomfortably different while others are familiar, yet subtly different from home.  Similarly, no matter how much you prepare for a new role, there are always many new perspectives to take in.  And, after a busy day, when you finally have a chance to catch your breath, whether under a tree or at your desk, the opportunity to reflect, learn, and change from these experiences fuels your growth, propelling you to lead with incredible impact. 

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Gunnison Gorge, CO

Developing leaders for incredible impact