Do you want to better understand leaders' motivations and behaviors?
Learn how to best build on strengths and growth opportunities?
Improve impact within a team and organization?
Coaching Approach
As a certified coach, my approach is anchored in both what *could be* and real-world application.  We'll use data and inquiry to foster reflection and introspection, explore possibilities, and identify and apply new approaches that helps leaders integrate new thought patterns and behaviors to become more influential and impactul leaders.
Assessment Approach
Assessments provide unique insights that enable leaders to better understand their leadership and communication styles and the potential impacts of their behaviors on the teams with whom they work.  When using assessments and interview feedback, we'll focus on patterns and themes to ensure discussions are directly applicable to a leader's needs, environment, and situation, and to help position the leader to work towards their desired purpose and goals.  
I customize the assessment approach and debriefs.  They can be a part of  
  • Individual coaching engagements
  • Group or team coaching sessions
  • Leadership programs
My assessment certifications include 

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